March 2019

Over the last two years, thousands of Napa Valley residents — comprised of women, men and children — gathered in downtown Napa to peacefully rally in in support of love, solidarity and unification. Once again, with this year’s theme – “Truth to Power” — Women’s March Napa Valley (WMNV) will join a national movement to unify and empower those who stand for women’s rights, civil liberties, social justice and human rights. The March is a free, peaceful, non-partisan gathering that will give attendees the opportunity to stand in solidarity for the American values WMNV represents.

March Organizer Irit Weir: “This January, we are excited to bring the third annual Women’s March to downtown Napa to reaffirm our message of unity and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

Midterm elections demonstrated that the historical Women’s Wave is contagious! This breakthrough moment shows that a society based on human rights, gender equality, social justice, and accountability is possible. It is our moral imperative to dismantle gender and racial inequality and bring more common sense policy to immigration reform and gun violence. Our climate is becoming inhospitable to human life as we have seen with the fires sweeping through California, and we must create a culture that will sustain the natural resources our grandchildren and future generations will need to thrive. We stand for workers rights, reproductive rights, disability justice, environmental and economic justice. We are the children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, and grandfathers who envision a harmonious world where all life is considered sacred.”


Marchers will gather at 9:00 am on School Street, between First and Third Streets. Marchers begin marching down Third Street at 9:30 am accompanied by Zumba dancers, drummers, singers and chanters. Marchers are encouraged to bring creative signs and compete for a “Best Sign” prize awarded at the podium.


The program begins at 10:00 am on the stage located on the street in front of the Napa County Hall of Justice, at 1125 Third St. in downtown Napa. The World Beat Dance Collective will perform prior to the start of the program. Speakers confirmed to date include: Christine Pelosi, author “Campaign Boot Camp”, political strategist and Women’s Caucus Chair/California Democratic Party; Sara Agah Franti, an emergency room nurse and jewelry designer; essay contest winner Larkin Dewyer, a junior at St. Helena High School and Congressman Mike Thompson (projected). Singers to date include: Terry Bradford; Angela Kennedy; and Tevis Carbajal. Music will be provided by the Cosmos Percussion Ensemble.

In addition, 40 nonprofit organizations and activist groups will be represented at tables located in the Sullivan Lot (located between Randolph and Coombs on Third St.) with information about their services and volunteer opportunities.

Terry Bradford is singing a song called “Fight for Freedom.” He’d LOVE to have as many people as possible sing along with him. Click this link to see and hear the video. Read/download the Chorus to practice for the March! Read/download the full lyrics if you want to sing along to the whole song.

The following students will be joining Terry in song:

  • Sophie Heflebower – Napa Valley Independent Studies
  • Cat Indelicato – Sunrise Montessori
  • Nicole Martinez – St. Helena Montessori
  • Owen Robertson – home schooled
  • Kayla Tavakoli – Vintage High School

“Fight For Freedom” is a protest song from His album titled Just Sayin’.

“This battle cry stemmed from the U.S. 2016 presidential election. Being at the women’s march showed me the power of the people. I will march as long as it takes to make things right. I love America and everyone in it. America is GREAT because we care.”


WMNV is a female-led movement providing intersectional education on a range of issues. WMNV creates entry points for grassroots activists and organizers to engage with the Napa Valley community through training, outreach programs, and events.

We are 100%, volunteer-run by our Steering Committee. This dedicated group has given a great deal of their time to ensure WMNV meets its goals.


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