Calendar FAQ

Submitting Calendar Event

Anyone may submit an event to display on the Women’s March Napa Valley calendar. When you submit an event, it is initially in pending status. After it’s reviewed and any issues resolved, it will be published to the calendar. Please watch this tutorial to learn how to do this.

Calendar Display Options

You can view the calendar in two formats: Standard 30 day format and as a list.

The 30 day format (displayed when you click on Calendar) defaults to a standard layout which includes a small blue dot on each date that has a scheduled event. If you click on that day, the events will appear on the right side of the screen. There are also options to display the calendar in day or week format, to search for an item on the calendar, or to list by category.

The list events format (displayed when you click on List Events) is a summary list the next 10 items on the event schedule. You may click on load more to see beyond those items.

Sharing an Event

If you want to broadcast/amplify an event, you may share that event on your Facebook or Twitter account. Go to the bottom of the event page and click on the social media button. Please watch this tutorial to learn how easy this is.

Adding Event to Your Personal Calendar

If you want to add an event to your calendar, go to the bottom of the event page and click on ‘Add to Google Calendar’ (for Androids/PCs) or ‘iCalExport’ (for IPhones/Macs).

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WMNV is a female-led movement providing intersectional education on a range of issues. WMNV creates entry points for grassroots activists and organizers to engage with the Napa Valley community through training, outreach programs, and events.

We are 100%, volunteer-run by our Steering Committee. This dedicated group has given a great deal of their time to ensure WMNV meets its goals.


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