The events of 2017 drove the lead organizers of the Women's March Napa Valley (WMNV) to create this grass-roots organization. Women’s March Napa Valley is is part of a national movement to unify and empower those who stand for women’s rights, human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all. Our events are non-partisan, peaceful and give people the opportunity to unite in the Napa Valley, and stand in solidarity for the American values we represent.

WMNV is a female-led movement providing intersectional education on a range of issues. WMNV creates entry points for grassroots activists and organizers to engage with the Napa Valley community through training, outreach programs, and events.

We are 100%, volunteer-run by our Steering Committee. This dedicated group has given a great deal of their time to ensure WMNV meets its goals.

We are, creative, bold and committed individuals who care deeply about our community and our humanity. We believe that human rights are as basic need as breathing, and we will work endlessly to guarantee that our country and democracy values all lives as sacred.


  • Our marches have inspired many women to run for offices here in the Napa Valley.
    "It was the 2017 Napa Women’s March that gave me the gumption to get politically involved, which led me to Council. "
    -- Liz Alessio, Napa City Council
  • Our Town Hall meetings have been and continue to be the hub in creating huddles of women committed to create a shift in our political upheaval.
  • We helped the NVUSD agree to support student walkouts as well as permission to have a voter registration booth in many campuses.
  • We helped mobilize students to be activists and now have Women's March student-lead trainers!
  • Our Town Hall meetings have been and continue to be the ground of connection between many organizations and groups in the Napa Valley. The chance to connect has helped to create a bigger force for change.
  • We continue to bring all activists together in Activists' Celebration events so that we can learn about each other's work and support each other to amplify our power.
  • We founded a Community Calendar that informs the community of all the various activities in Napa and surrounding areas.
  • We continue to send emails to our members with information about various community activities.
  • Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are a constant hub of information.
  • We are becoming the voice of accountability in the community. Our volunteers are able to help other organizations in fulfilling their dreams.
  • The Rally for Our Lives, Families Stay Together as well Rapid Response Rallies were co-created with the many organizations and individuals in the Napa Valley.
  • We continue to fully support our immigrant community, our undocumented residents, and we support all the nonprofits supporting those causes.
  • Our visibility continues to be the engine of connecting local policy makers with the people of Napa.

Our marches engaged many with inspiration, inspired our community to connect to a bigger story and lifted many out of depression and to the streets.

Please support us!

Steering Committee

Sally Archambault;  Heather Bailie;  Terry Beck;  Rosanne Bonanno;  Mary Jane Bowker;  Suzanne Becker Bronk;  Holly Krassner Dawson;  Maren Goebert;;  Eileen Guerard;  Kelly Hurst;  Dorian Kirk;   Antonia Landels;  Annika Lindroos;  Laurie Nigliazzo;  Valerie O'Pry;  Bonnie Sauer;  Karin Troedsson;  Evy Warshawski;  Irit Weir